• Easy Home Styling with Throw Pillows

    Easy Home Styling with Throw Pillows

    With a few fresh design choices, you can easily give your home the facelift it desperately needs. Add a pop of colour to a neutral room by coordinating your throw pillows with curtains and an area rug. The FAD gives you home styling tips for accessorizing your home in style.

  • The Collaboration of Art and Fashion

    Exploring the collaboration of fashion and art from the turn of the century to present-day with The FAD. Learn the influence behind why we create unique wearable art pieces today!
  • Vintage Style Inspiration - the Nostalgia of the Scarf

    The style possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing with a scarf. Channel your inner Jackie O and frame your face while protecting your hairdo. Get peppy like Sandra Dee with a cute neckerchief. The vintage nostalgia of the silk scarf has been around for centuries and is here to stay.

    Get inspired with some vintage looks and fractal art design brought to you by The Fad - Fashion Art Design.

  • A Brief History of Pocket Squares

    A Brief History of Pocket Squares

    Often used as a fashion accessory in men’s suits, the pocket square can add a touch of color to elevate a classic outfit. The pocket square has been around for a long time, but what are its origins? Let us walk you through a brief history of this timeless classic from antiquity to modern fashion.

  • Color Palette / SS 2021

    The colors of SS 2021: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey - symbolizing just what we need; unity, stability and hope.

    Unlike the graphic patterns commonly used in the textile industry, all patterns are designed using fractal formulas in accordance with the brand co...