The Collaboration of Art and Fashion

“Fashion goes beyond fabric; it is the attempt to manifest art on a breathing canvas…” 
-Author David Dixon
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The collaboration of Art and Fashion is more prevalent now than ever before. This era of globalization has allowed artists and fashion designers to collaborate and exchange ideas even more. Art influencing fashion and vice versa is not a new phenomena however - let’s explore some of the more prominent collaborations over the years.

Past Examples of Art in Fashion

In the past, fashion was viewed as a frivolous and vapid artform. It was often an interest of the elite, or those who lived lives of leisure. An artist was seen as a form of genius, often sacrificing themselves for their artform. The artist could gain enough notoriety to rub elbows with royalty, or provide commentary for the politics of the day.

One of the first major collaborations between Art and Fashion came between the world wars. One of the most prominent and imaginative fashion designers working at the time was Elsa Schiaparelli. Her whimsical style was perfectly matched with the great artist Salvador Dali, who inspired her iconic 1937 Lobster Dress.

Modern Era of Influence

Flash forward to 2018 and the influence of art on fashion was growing even more. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 Collection featured iconic works by renowned artist Andy Warhol. Featuring screen prints of famed Andy Warhol works, the collection demonstrated a larger theme of youth culture important to Calvin Klein’s image.

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In the 2003 Louis Vuitton collection we fully see the potential of a successful commercial campaign by a high-end designer and a widely popular artist. Featuring bold artwork by Takashi Murakami contrasted onto the muted and classic Louis Vuitton fashion pieces, this collaboration truly showcased the intersectionality possible when combining fashion and art.

Fractal Art designs in The FAD

We created the FAD based on much of the inspiration created when you combine Fashion Art and Design. Using creativity and collaboration as our focus, we love hand-crafting wearable works of art for everyone. With a high-end classic fashion feel, at a more affordable price point. 

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Using Fractal Art design, we create unique art pieces for each individual item we make! You can truly feel like one-of-a-kind as you style our silk scarves, or pop in a hand-stitched pocket square. Choose your piece of wearable art today at!