Every single piece of FAD Fashion I Art I Design collections is designed to touch upon your lives and become a part of your own living.

FAD Fashion I Art I Design art pieces embrace such philosophy that you can take the art down off your wall and wear it as a part of your clothing; you can carry it across your far-fetching travels and feel the texture of the art that is nailed on your wall.


You may feel the art come alive as it colours your life.



All FAD Vancouver collections come to life at hands of talented women, and we are proud to contribute as much as we can to provide opportunities for women in Turkey with our local handmade production.

Though this might be a drop in the ocean, we want to lend a helping hand for many others, and are donating 1% of every purchase to foundations in Turkey aiming to provide and maintain educational opportunities for girls.

As you purchase from our collections, you not only add a timeless piece to your wardrobe, but also help us give back to the women empowerment cause.



The vibrant and the stunning colours that are mixed with unconventional designs that will capture your sole attention, will be part of a limited creation that will make you feel the uniqueness of FAD Fashion I Art I Design. All of the designs of FAD Fashion I Art I Design invite you to explore the intricacies of every curve of the every spiral that all come together to show you the aesthetic appeal of the grand scheme.

The art of FAD Fashion I Art I Design is created through a highly specialized programme that moulds the shape that you experience through series of transformations. The digital designs in FAD Fashion I Art I Design pieces are printed by an expert team that specializes in printing the art divergently depending on the use in high resolutions, the artist behind the magnanimous designs takes part in the every step of transferring the art that you perceive from the screen of a computer to something that you will want to wear and to show to the parts of your world.


The designer, Ali Oner, is the world renowned fractal artist for over 20 years; whose works have been exhibited at many venues internationally, including Biennales in Florence, Milano and Istanbul.


FAD Fashion I Art I Design concentrates upon the sensation that is invoked by feeling the fabric of the designs on silk pocket squares, silk scarves, silk and cotton-silk shawls, silk pillowcases and more to follow that will become inseparable parts of your daily life.


FAD Fashion I Art I Design

Silk Crepe Foulard, Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, Silk Pocket Square, Silk Handkerchief, Silk Accesories, Elegant Silk Foulard