Easy Home Styling with Throw Pillows

Styling your home usually involves a team of interior designers, construction workers, paint swatches and more. A full renovation might not be in the cards for everyone, but if you are looking for a fresh new look for your home - look no further! You can easily upgrade your home with simple pieces like throw pillows. 
throw pillows silk decorative home style fractal art design

Upgrade your home easily

Forget the hassle and expense of a home renovation. With a few fresh design choices, you can easily give your home the facelift it desperately needs. Add a pop of colour to a neutral room by coordinating your throw pillows with curtains and an area rug. Using these items to coordinate colours really add a cozy yet upscale appeal to any home. 
Keeping the paint and furniture more neutral allows for more fluidity in design of the home. Fads come and go. Try keeping a room in neutral colours while changing out certain elements seasonally or every few years can allow you to stay current. Add in textures and colours with simple accessories to create a balanced style within your home. Check out these simple tips from The Spruce for styling your home.
throw pillows fractal art design lamp silk decorative

Choosing a style

The important thing about styling your home is choosing a style that works for you. You want to reflect your own style in a setting that is relaxing and welcoming. While neutrals and light colours may not work for everyone, you can still create a cozy and vibrant home with the right additions. 
We love creating a Bohemian style living room using a few well-placed throw pillows and other accessories. A Bohemian style is inviting and eclectic, offering a home style that is uniquely your own. Adding unique throw pillows offer not just a pop of colour and comfort to your favourite chair or couch, it can be an excellent conversation starter as well! Check out some beautiful Bohemian style inspiration for your home here.

The FAD Throw Pillows

The FAD creates 100% silk throw pillows, with Fractal Art designs digitally printed on both sides. Our throw pillows come with unique designs printed in limited numbers, so you can be sure to have a unique piece of art to style your home. 
Breathe life into your home with a fresh new look by adding a few statement pieces. Our 100% silk throw pillows draw the eye in, enabling you to create a cozy, stylish room to unwind in. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or relaxing with loved ones, you can be sure you’ve styled your home with pride without breaking the budget.