Vintage Style Inspiration - the Nostalgia of the Scarf

Throughout the years the use of scarves as the perfect accessories has been a fashion staple. The versatility and glamour of the simple silk scarf often creates a nostalgia for fashions of the past.
This classic accessory can add a pop of colour to a simple look or it can create a dramatic look when used as a headscarf, the opportunities are endless!
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Vintage Inspiration

The scarf often is used in retro fashion due to its roots and versatile style throughout history. This vintage inspiration comes from the different uses of the scarf and the images of Hollywood starlets and their use of the scarf as a glamorous accessory. 
Did you know the fashion scarf was used as far back as Egyptian times, when Queen Nefertiti donned a tightly woven scarf under her headdress? Since then there have been many different fabrics used and ways to style the scarf. From cotton, wool, muslin and more - to the advent of silk and its invention and popularization from China. The scarf is here to stay!
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Old Hollywood Icons

Old Hollywood icons are often the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of the silk scarf. Glamorous stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly often used the silk scarf as a headscarf to create iconic looks, especially when paired with a large pair of sunglasses. 
The functionality of this look for protecting hair in poor weather or driving in convertible cars and also for attempting some anonymity when out in public was an added bonus to the stars. This was likely the case with style icon and First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis when she often donned the silk scarf as well. 
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Ways to style the scarf

The style possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing with a scarf. Channel your inner Jackie O and frame your face while protecting your hairdo. Get peppy like Sandra Dee with a cute neckerchief. Wrap it around your ponytail for a hair accessory, or let it drape around your neck for a polished pop of colour. 
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You can even add it to your handbag to breathe new life into your daily purse. You can also dress up a pair of pants by wearing it as a belt! Check out just a few modern ways to style the scarf here. Vintage styling or modern chic, the silk scarf is a versatile accessory that stands the test of time.

Patterns and versatility to showcase your unique look

How you choose to style your scarf is entirely unique to you! There are so many patterns to choose from and unique Fractal Art designs from The Fad. Take a classic, sleek outfit and add a silk scarf to really stand out. Choose your favourite wearable art designs and get style inspiration right here at The Fad! 
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