Color Palette / SS 2021

While determining the colors of the year 2021, Pantone chose bright yellow and gray to give people a sense of hope, optimism, and endurance, as well as a sense of endurance, even after the troubled 2020 year for all of us.

Pantone explained that both colors selected simultaneously represent unity, stability and hope.

"It is promising," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone for Pantone's 2021 Colors Illuminating Yellow and Essential Gray. We are not at this point yet, but we aim for it. We are trying to get there. Says we will see the sunlight when the gray clouds clear, emphasizing the pandemic.

Pressman states that when choosing the color of the year, they look at what is needed, not the data, and pay attention to the psychological effects of the chosen color. He adds that not only this situation in the world, also what is happening in the field of art affects the decision process. But we also have to admit that the biggest impact this year belongs to the pandemic, she says.

In its other 2021 colors, Pantone refers to the phenomena and currents that reflect them with bright blue and eye-catching shades inspired by the Aegean Sea, such as Fire Whirl in red, Fuchsia Fedora, a vibrant pink, and Mykonos Blue.